Become an “Ambassador” in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Learn to Become "Well-Known" to Promote Your Area, Niche, Business and Career.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle Coaching Group gives you two live training sessions per month on topics that will help you improve your personal brand

I'll teach you how to become your own "ambassador" for your area, niche or business.

Topics will include: using your personal brand to further your business, influence, building your "tribe," social media, publicity, creating content...and much more.

The Inner Circle is only $49 per month!

Since I've just launched, there are some pre-recorded training sessions in the membership area to start with.

In late-July, I'll be adding some training on blogging and blog promotion.

The live training will start in August with a series on storytelling for travel promotion.

Later this year, I'll have training onhow to write a book, followed by promotion of your book.

Don't miss out.


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Why Join?

Every single month starting in August I’m doing LIVE trainings that teach you how to grow your personal brand to promote your business, or use it to improve your career.

I'll teach you how to find your niche and build your "tribe."

If you want to rapidly grow your personal brand … and you want a mastermind with the highest level of advice without buying course after course.... then Inner Circle Is For You!

Each month for the Inner Circle I'll do two LIVE webinars.

You can attend these calls live or watch the replay recordings.

You get all previous recordings and all new recordings when you sign up.

You’ll get any additional resources, downloads, and action guides each month to help you increase your "fame" and influence.

You can also ask a question in the Q&A section, and I'll answer it in depth.

You get all this for only $49 per month. - It's the best training deal you can get to learn these strategies!